The Prefect Team

Senior Prefects

Upon reaching Sixth Year at Kinross High School pupils are delighted to take on a greater role within the school. A few key aims of this year’s Sixth Year are to make a positive difference within the school, inspire younger pupils and of course to have fun! In order for this to be successful we have put together a strong team of Sixth Years, who are willingly committed to helping the school achieve excellence.

This team is made up of Senior Prefects, Prefects and the Year Heads. There are five Senior Prefects for each house and Head Boy and Head Girl. This year we have structured the Senior Prefect Team in a way that allows for productivity and focus within specific areas. This team consists of;

Head Boy – Robert Mackessack

Head Girl – Georgia White

Ochil House

Cameron Donnelly (House Captain)

Scott Wyllie (S1 Pupil Support)

Georgiana Jessiman (Communication Leader)

Emma Hodgkinson (Charity Coordinator)

Allen Saunders (Events Manager)

Benarty House

Sam Roberts (House Captain)

Taylor Allan (S1 Pupil Support)

Ben Cormack (Communication Leader)

Rosie Cormack (Charity Coordinator)

Douglas Mair (Events Manager)

Lomond House

Ailsa Brown (House Captain)

Lauren Miller (S1 Pupil Support)

Craig Edwards (Communication Leader)

Taryn Evans (Charity Coordinator)

Victoria Baird (Events Manager)

Year Heads

Maureen Mainprize

Elaine Paige

The whole Prefect Team play an important role in maintaining standards within the school by monitoring lunch queues, providing school tours and most importantly setting a good example through being politely behaved and smartly dressed.  Prefects can be easily identified within the school as they wear gold bands on their blazers.

This year we have decided to raise funds and awareness for two main charities; Médecins Sans Frontières and Team Jak. We are all very engaged in fundraising for these charities and hope to involve the younger pupils and local community in this as much as possible.

We are glad to have such a committed team this year and we will keep you updated with what we achieve throughout the year.

Georgia White, Head Girl