Study Skills

Science Study Clubs from November 2017

Science study clubs run at the following times – feel free to drop in:

Biology           Monday, Wednesday and Thursday after school and Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes

Chemistry      Tuesday and Friday after school and Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtimes.  Also Wednesday

                             at 16:00 untll the prelims

Physics          After school on Tuesday and Thursday

Lunchtime study clubs start at 13:30

Try out some of these resources to help plan your study time and try out some new techniques.

Use this Study Plan to plan the time leading up to your exams - remember to factor in time for you ... it's important to look after yourself so that you're fit and healthy for your exams!

Try to plan so that you ensure you allocate time for each topic for all your subjects.

It's all about time management so that you make the most of your study and relaxation time.

Study Plan