Science Scottish Baccalaureate

Course Outline

This course develops student’s research and independence skills by having them complete a project into a scientific area of interest to them and then evaluating the project.

Assessment (SQA)

The course is assessed 5 forms which the students complete during the course of the year. Students also need to give a presentation


You will be expected to work more independently both in producing the report and filling in the 5 planning and evaluation forms.

Progression Routes (Entry Requirements)

Pupils need to be studying or have studied 2 Advanced Higher in Science based subjects and at least one higher. Maths must be studied to at least higher level.

Other Information

Pupils will be awarded either a pass or a distinction.
A pass is worth the same number of SCQF points as a Higher.
Pupils will have skills teaching in class and mentoring from a teacher to complete their project and forms.

For further information please contact – Dr. G. Armstrong, PT Chemistry.