Geography Advanced Higher

 Purpose of the course

The purpose of the course is to further develop your understanding of our changing world and its human and physical processes. The Advanced Higher Geography course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to engage with challenging issues impacting on us all, both at a local level and at a global scale. It also gives you the chance to carry out your own research, with an emphasis on fieldwork.

Course Structure & Content

The course is made up of two units:
Unit 1: The Geographical Study. The study requires pupils to produce an individual project, based on a geographical topic, e.g. a river study. It involves planning, carrying out fieldwork research and the use of statistical techniques to analyse the information collected. There is the opportunity to undertake a 3 day residential fieldtrip which gives pupils the chance to gather data for their project.

 Unit 2: The Geographical Issue. This requires pupils to choose and study a controversial topic e.g. building more windfarms and then identify and evaluate different viewpoints about the issue. Pupils will then write up their findings in the form of a report.

Course assessment

The course assessment consists of two components a question paper and a project-folio. Pupils will send off a “folio of work” consisting of their Geographical Study and Geographical Issue. This is marked by external examiners and accounts for 67% of their final grade. There is also an SQA exam which tests map interpretation and data handling questions and this accounts for the remaining 33% of their award.
The unit assessments are based largely on the completion of fieldwork exercises and folio work.


Pupils are expected to work on their Geographical Study and Geographical Issue outside of their timetabled classes so a high degree of motivation and enjoyment of the subject is a definite asset.

Entry Requirements

Pupils would be expected to have at least a B pass in Higher Geography although in some cases a C pass would be considered.

Progression Routes

The Advanced Higher Geography Course is recognised as an entry qualification to employment, training, further and higher education. Relevant degree-level programmes can include science, geology and social science. This Course, with its wide range of transferable skills, provides preparation for a diverse range of occupations and careers, such as town and transport planning, chartered surveying, renewable energy, land and water management, environmental consultancy, tourism and conservation.

For further information please contact Mr J McAuley PT Geography