Administration and IT Senior Nat 5

Administration and IT, which is practical and experiential in nature, develops both generic and subject-specific skills in administration-related contexts. 

Course Details

The course consists of three units

Administrative PracticesThe purpose of this Unit is to give pupils a broad introduction to administration in the workplace. Pupils will develop an understanding of key legislation affecting both organisations and employees, the benefits to organisations of good customer care and the skills, qualities and attributes required of administrators. The Unit will also enable them to apply this understanding in carrying out a range of administrative tasks required for organising and supporting events.

IT Solutions for AdministratorsThe purpose of this Unit is to develop  pupils’ skills in IT, problem solving and organising and managing information in largely familiar administration-related contexts. Pupils will select the following IT applications — word processing, spreadsheets, databases — and will use them to create and edit business documents. 

Communication in AdministrationThe purpose of this Unit is to enable pupils to use IT for gathering and sharing information with others in largely familiar administration-related contexts. Pupils will develop an understanding of what constitutes a reliable source of information and an ability to identify and use the most appropriate methods for gathering information. They will also become able to communicate information in ways appropriate to its context, audience and purpose. 


Pupils are assessed by a practical assignment  drawing on the knowledge, understanding and skills developed across the Course. The assignment will require learners to extend administration-related knowledge, understanding and skills and to apply them in the context of organising and supporting an event.  It will be carried out in school and take 4 hours to complete.

Further Information

Administration and IT makes an important contribution to general education through developing a range of essential skills which will stand learners in good stead regardless of the career path they ultimately choose.  Its contribution to vocational education is just as significant because it opens up progression to a range of careers in administration and IT.  

Pupils who succeed at National 5 level may wish to consider further study at Higher level in S6.

For further information please contact - Mrs Teresa Summers, PT Computing and Business Education.