History National 4 and National 5

Course Outline

For History National 4 and National 5, pupils will study 3 topics, these will include:

Scottish Topic

Migration and empire, 1830–1939

          • Immigration to Scotland, 1830s–1939
          • Experience of immigrants to Scotland, 1880s–1939
          • Scottish emigration, 1830s–1939
          • Experience of Scots abroad, 1830s–1939

European and World Topic

Hitler & Nazi Germany, 1919-1939

          • Weimar Germany
          • Nazi Rise to Power
          • Nazi Control
          • Nazi Social & Economic Policies 

British Topic

Changing Britain, 1760-1914

          • Health & Housing
          • Industry - textiles & mining
          • Transport - canals & railways
          • §  The Pressure for Democratic Change
          • One exam, 2 hours 20 minutes, 80 marks
          • N5- Assignment, 1 hour, marked externally


National 3 and 4 have no external exam.  Pupils will, however, have to pass all National 4 Unit Assessments as well as the ‘Added Value’ unit to gain an award.  Pupils will receive a pass or fail for the year.

Key Skills

Analysis, evaluation, source-handling, research, taking notes, developing arguments, extended writing and more.

Common Career/Study Paths

Humanities, social sciences, law and languages, education, law, management, public administration etc.