S4 National 5

 Preparation for assessment homeworks can be found here

KHS SQA Assessment 1 Monday 3rd October

Expressions and Formulae

Outcome 1.2   Applying algebraic skills to manipulate expressions

Outcome 1.1   Applying numerical skills to simplify surds/expressions using the laws of indices

Outcome 1.3   Applying algebraic skills to algebraic fractions


Outcome 1.3   Applying numerical skills to fractions and percentages 


KHS Prelim Monday 28th November

The topics covered in Prelim and practice questions can be found in the links below

 Prelim Topics

Practice Questions for Prelim


KHS SQA Assessment 2 w/b 19th December


Outcome 1.1   Applying algebraic skills to linear equations

Expressions and Formulae

Outcome 1.4               Applying geometric skills linked to the use of formulae


Outcome 1.2   Applying algebraic skills to graphs of quadratic relationships


KHS SQA Assessment 3 Monday 13th February


Outcome 1.4   Applying geometric skills to lengths, angles and similarity

Outcome 1.3   Applying algebraic skills to quadratic equations


Outcome 1.1   Applying trigonometric skills to triangles which do not have a right angle


KHS SQA Assessment 4 Monday 24th April


Outcome 1.5   Applying trigonometric skills to graphs and identities


Outcome 1.2   Applying geometric skills to vectors

Outcome 1.4   Applying statistical skills to analysing data